We're proud of #CanolaCountry.
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Canola Country brings us together. It brings together our farmers, our processors, our seed developers, our exporters, our truckers, rail and port workers, and communities and businesses across Canada. Canola Country means more than just good jobs. It's pride in our communities, pride in our hard work.

With more than 90% of Canadian canola being exported, we need access to international markets for Canola Country to thrive. Whether it's seed, oil or meal, access to markets means growth, jobs and opportunity - and that's a good thing for communities across Canola Country.


Rod Ross


Everything, everything in town, it all depends on how the agricultural industry is doing. And canola is the number one crop as far as providing gross income.

Conor Dobson

Seed Developer

It’s pretty simple, if we’re in [the TPP] it’s a level playing field. If we’re out, it’s not a level playing field.

Ryan Stack


As we look at something like the TPP, the fewer barriers to entry in a lot of countries we're trying to work with on a direct basis, the fewer barriers to entry they have, the better off we'll be, for everybody.

Marlene Caskey


The more opportunities that I have to market what I grow, the more sustainable and viable my farm can be.

Did you know...


Did you know...