Love telling the canola story around the canola seed bins at the Calgary Stampede.

Ellen Grueter

I'm privileged to work for SaskCanola on behalf of canola producers and I'm proud to be a canola producer myself, 4th generation farmer, first crop of canola grown this year (2015).

Carson Callum

Canola provides vast opportunities for Canadians #CanolaCountry

Rob Stone

our canola crop supports two families and two employees. As a Pioneer seed retailer we support many community initiatives as well

Rick Taillieu

I'm very proud to have 1 of the 250,000 great Canadian jobs made possible by canola. This is #CanolaCountry

Greg Sears

Canola fuels our economy, our farm and someday maybe even this Jet. #CanolaCountry

Greg Sears

EVERYBODY loves #CanolaCountry!

John Guelly

Canola is one of the largest sources of income in our community & the most profitable crop on our farm. #Canolamakesourworldgoround #CanolaCountry

Maxim Legault-Mayrand

TPP a golden opportunity to open up new markets.

Ryan Stack

As we look at something like the TPP, the fewer barriers to entry in a lot of countries we're trying to work with on a direct basis, the fewer barriers to entry they have, the better off we'll be, for everybody.

Conor Dobson

It’s pretty simple, if we’re in [the TPP] it’s a level playing field. If we’re out, it’s not a level playing field.

Marlene & Graham Caskey

The more opportunities that I have to market what I grow, the more sustainable and viable my farm can be.

Rod Ross

Everything, everything in town, it all depends on how the agricultural industry is doing. And canola is the number one crop as far as providing gross income.